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Nancy Vance, MD, FAARM

My name is Dr. Nancy Vance. I am board certified in Anti-Aging and Restorative Medicine (A4M) and one of only 3500 awarded a Fellowship in Functional Medicine. As an Integrative and Functional Medical Physician practicing in Naples, Florida 34102, I create personalized medical programs to enrich the health and lives of my patients.

Can I answer any questions for you?

Nancy Vance, MD, FAARM

Dr.  Vance founded Insight to Health & Wellness from a simple, but profound concept, “What if we treated each patient as they really are, a unique combination of some 37 trillion cells and different expressions of genes with different microbiomes? Clearly our patients do not share the same genetics or the same environment.  Why then do we treat them all the same? What if we created a personalized healthcare plan based on your own genome, biomarkers, environment and not just your age?”

Dr. Vance is on the frontier of personalized medicine and is huge advocate of taking control of your own life and healthcare. She has established a science based, integrative medical approach that emphasizes the concepts of functional and restorative medicine while utilizing technology that allows us to accurately assess our health. Some key elements of this approach include: individualized care plans over one size fits all protocol medicine, natural over synthetic treatment when possible, and designing solutions to achieve optimal levels of health over minimal or baseline “normal” standards.  Most importantly, her functional medicine insists on identifying and treating the underlying cause of problems rather than just the effect of our symptoms. This is a proactive as opposed to reactive health care model tailored to affect your unique physiology!  

At Insight to Health & Wellness, Dr. Vance recognizes the inherent complexity and connections between our cellular and biological functions with our ever changing and sometimes toxic environment and lifestyle choices. Therefore, she takes advantage of this great era of technology to assess all aspects of your health from nutritional analysis of blood tests to in-house testing with Bioempendence Analysis, Heart Rate Variability, Digital Pulse Analysis, and advanced genome sequencing. She helps you peer into the cellular, hormonal, structural, and even autonomic nervous system function while educating you every step of the way based on proven science. Of course, this full spectrum bioanalysis not only provides a fascinating peek into who you are and what your potential risks could be, it also provides the basis for individualized treatment plans to help you take control and transform your health. 

A little insight about Dr. Nancy Vance…

Dr. Vance received her medical degree from Southern Illinois University and completed her residency in Emergency Medicine at Chandler Hospital in Lexington KY. She quickly discovered her passion for science and chemistry during her first two years of medical school.  Dr. Vance then practiced traditional medicine for many years in emergency medicine as owner and director of Emergency Medical Care (2) and also served as Director of Emergency Medical Services for Rockcastle County. There she discovered the limitations of a disease based medical system where the concept of prevention was reduced to detection that occurs long after the initiation of disease such as cancer. After practicing traditional medicine for many years she discovered (with delight) functional medicine ideology - where prevention takes center stage and treatment of the patient, rather than the disease, is the priority and was forever changed by it.

Dr. Vance is now one of only 3,500 physicians awarded a Fellowship in Anti-Aging, Regenerative and Functional Medicine and is only one of approximately 50,000 physicians trained and certified by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.  In addition, Dr. Vance has since completed an Advanced Fellowship in Anti-Aging, Regnerative, and Functional Medicine. Currently, Dr. Vance is engrossed in training in Nutrigenomics and DNA Methylation studies as she continues to research the most advanced methods to maintain the health and vitality of her patients. Her continued dedication to learning and implementing the latest proven medical breakthroughs are changing the lives of patients all across Southwest Florida. 

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