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Aimee Fernandez-Green, ARNP

Aimee Green is proud to be part of a Biote Medical affiliated center. All BioTe Medical Hormone Replacement centers utilize bio identical hormone pellet therapy with formulated doses based on our proprietary algorithm. BioTE's algorithm is based on over 200,000 procedures performed.    

BioTE's Hormone Replacement Therapy is Based on Three Major Principles:

1- Technology- BioTE's proprietary software algorithm combines the patients complete medical history along with the results of an extensive blood panel to determine the proper dose and combination of hormones.  With over a million iterations, BioTE's technology ensures as close to a perfect dose as possible. 

2- Safety- With BioTE, safety is always of paramount importance.  Our all natural, bio-identical pellets undergo rigorous testing before they are ever allowed to be used on our patients.  We base our algorithm to err on the side of a slightly low dose (although still quite therapeutic and corrected on the second dosing) to minimize the possibility of any minor side effects

3- Value- Although pelleting allows for the best absorption of hormones and eliminates daily or weekly injections or the risk of cross contamination that comes with creams or gels, the costs of our procedures are generally as affordable, and in most cases more affordable, then other types of hormone therapy. 

To Optimize Your Hormones, You Should Consult with Highly Trained Health Care Practitioners  

All medicine requires extensive training, particularly when it comes to balancing hormones.The practitioners of BioTE Medical are all required to undergo extensive training focused specifically on bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. There is no other team that meets the standard of BioTE Medical. 

Who needs Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)? 

Almost all of us over the age of 40 (and in many cases over 30) begin to experience hormone imbalance. In order to balance your hormones for optimal health and wellness, it is critical to be evaluated by a highly trained health care professional - including comprehensive lab testing, detailed questionnaires and a complete physical exam - prior to creating a personalized treatment plan. 

Is Bioidentical Hormone Therapy for You? 

As a result of hormone imbalance, you may be experiencing one or a combination of the following symptoms of aging: 

  • Weight gain 

  • Limited energy 

  • Hair loss 

  • Low sex drive 

  • Depression 

  • Mood swings 

  • Sleeplessness 

  • Poor concentration 

  • Memory loss 

  • Fatigue 

If symptoms like these have begun to affect your quality of life, you could be a candidate for bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. 

Consult the Experts in Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy 

BioTE Medical health care practitioners use a proprietary algorithm designed by our founder Dr. Gary Donovitz and based on over 200,000 procedures performed to formulate the most precise dose and combination of hormones.  When you become a patient, you receive the dedicated attention of an expert practitioner. Your questions about your condition, treatment plan, or bioidentical hormone replacement therapy are reviewed and thoroughly addressed during one-on-one consultations with your practitioner. Your practitioner will partner with you throughout every step of your journey to help you achieve optimal health and reach your wellness goals. 

What are BioTe BHRT services? 

- A comprehensive review of symptoms, medical, family and personal history 

- blood laboratory analysis 

- Natural hormone balancing 

- Follow up evaluations 

- Highest quality supplements 

- 24/7 concierge service  

For more information regarding Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy or to schedule a complimentary consultation, call us anytime at 954-280-0762

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