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Betty Bowers, MD

My name is Dr. Betty Bowers. I am a BioTE® Certified Practitioner practicing in Oklahoma City, OK 73112.
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Betty Bowers, MD

Betty Bowers, MD, received her medical degree from the University of Minnesota. After medical school, she did 39 months of general surgery residency at Hennepin County medical center in Minneapolis and then did 24 months of anesthesia residency at Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota. She is board-certified in anesthesia.   In addition to managing patients in the intensive care unit, she has also taken care of patients in her pain management clinic and in her preoperative clinic. This experience has made her realize that many of the very seriously ill people that she cared for would not have been in that situation if they had made different choices in their lives.

Over 20 years ago during a lecture at an anesthesia meeting she was introduced to the concept of preventive aging. The speaker presented peer-reviewed studies that demonstrated slowing of the aging process and even some reversal by doing certain things. Since that time she has practiced his recommendations and continued to follow the literature and change her behavior accordingly.

During these last 20+ years, this information has become more mainstream and people are out there searching for the secret to living longer and living better. In spite of this, the general health of the population has become significantly worse and for the first time in recorded history the next generation may live for a shorter period of time than the previous generation.

About 2 1/2 years ago she was given the opportunity to start practicing a form of medicine to help people understand their individual risk factors for disease and guide them through a plan to prevent these diseases from affecting their future.

Recently she has opened a new office focusing on men’s health, and of course, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy.
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