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Richard Lewis, MD

My name is Dr. Richard Lewis. I am a BioTE® Certified Practitioner practicing in Mequon, WI 53092.
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Richard Lewis, MD

My goal for developing Your MD is to develop a primary care clinic where both the patient and the doctor are able to develop long-term, trusting relationships and as a result, deliver excellent care. I graduated residency in 1997 and took a position with a physician-owned clinic to develop a Family Practice Department at a newly opened satellite in Hartford, Wisconsin. From outset, my practice flourished. Building a practice, providing quality patient care, and developing my skills as a Family Physician were all personally enriching. I learned more about taking care of people during the first 5 years of practice than my entire 4 years in medical school and 3 years of residency. In addition, I have earned Board Certifications in both Urgent Care and Family Practice. There are a few extremely important aspects of caring for people that I consider non-negotiable. 1. A doctor needs to be easily accessible to the patient. 2. A doctor must be able to see the patient when they are both healthy and sick. 3. A doctor must be able to take his/her time when caring for another human being. Take away any of these, and I could no longer care for a person as their primary care physician. Each of these elements is based upon fostering an authentic provider/patient relationship - one in which the physician has the time to appreciate the patient as a unique human person - and is aware of the complexities of each individual's situation. Take away any of these non-negotiable elements, and I could no longer care for a person as their primary care physician. Over the years, as both my own practice style has matured and the business of medicine has evolved, I have found that my commitment to providing high-quality patient-care, within the context of a genuine provider/patient relationship, is a standard that I cannot compromise. Medicine is more of an art than a science. Each person has a unique personality with inimitable strengths, weaknesses and problems. There is no "cookie-cutter"
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