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Anthony Olofintuyi, MD

My name is Dr. Anthony Olofintuyi. I am a BioTE® Certified Practitioner practicing in Columbus, GA 31904.
I am currently accepting new patients. Can I answer any questions for you?

Anthony Olofintuyi, MD

Dr. Anthony Olofintuyi is the proud owner and operator of Christian Medical Associates in Columbus, Georgia. Dr. Olofintuyi is a board certified medical internist who specializes in the treatment of and adult medicine with a focus on wellness and healthy aging.  Dr. Olofintuyi has been practicing medicine for the last 2 decades and takes pride in treating the “whole” person, whether it is spiritually or physically. Dr. Olofintuyi is a man of God with many special giftings that are evident in his daily walk and are evident throughout his entire medical practice. Dr. Olofintuyi’s decision to explore bioidentical hormone replacement therapy was birthed out of the need to help his patients take a more holistic approach to wellness with each and every patient. Dr. Olofintuyi is very involved in his local community and spends quite a bit of time mentoring and teaching others. He enjoys spending time with his immediate and extended family. He is the father to four beautiful and intelligent children.   

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